@plenkov shares an editing pic! #McRoll #AlexOLoughlin @michelleborth





McRoll Rides Again!


0818115_IG_plenkovThat looks like a happy man to me!

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  1. The best sneak peak I’ve ever seen in my life!!! McRoll rocks. I can feel the love. His face is indescribable.

  2. I love it can not wait to see 6.03. We get to see them in bed and that smile on Steve face and shirtless as well.

  3. OMG! ♥ *thud* ♥
    Steve and Cath look very happy back together in bed.
    Ya know what? Them sheets aren’t necessary…get rid of them…they’re barely covering anything anyway. :P
    Damn PG rated TV :(

    • I have to agree it’s nice to see McRollins again and Steve seem’s happy as all heck…. Although yeah what the hell is with that sheet, damned PG tv :D :lol:

  4. PL took the pic off his account. Guess he already got tired of all the nasty comments by all the idiots out there.
    Show some respect, people. It’s a shame these days.

    • Always the way isn’t it some idiots spoil it for the rest of us, Show some god damned respect for the man that provides you with your television yes I don’t always see eye to eye with what he’s done with 5-0 but Lenkov deserves respect…

  5. I have been looking some recent blogs, and I find it hard to believe that some people objected to this scene. It is not porno, it’s a beautiful love scene between 2 people who love each other!

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