Happy Birthday #AlexOLoughlin

From @JRadloff on Twitter. Posted on Oct. 27th 2014

“You guys obsessed w/@HawaiiFive0CBS

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  1. WOW 39 today Happy birthday Alex I hope you have a great day with your family and don’t work too hard.

  2. Happy Birthday, you sweet gorgeous human! If I could, I would give you whatever movie role you set your sights on. But, alas, the only thing I can give you is my support as a fan, and I will happily do that.

    39–enjoy your youth, and take care! XOXO

  3. Happy birthday Alex….I hope you have everything you hope for. Health, happiness and as much wealth and good fortune that allows you the best of everything you want. Most of all I wish you love from those you love and the continuing love from all the fans you need to keep your career on the move. Have a lovely day. xxx

  4. “Sometimes the planets align and give you just what you need.” (Alex O’Loughlin)
    Wish him all the best, everything he wants and needs and the planets on his side!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Taunting us with that cute grin. Maybe a birthday spanking is in order. Wow I went there quickly.

    Happy birthday to our Alex!

  6. Wishing a very special Happy Birthday to Alex, I wonder if he knows how many friendships have formed over our love and respect for him, probably not because he’s a very humble man. My wish for Alex is simple, may he have joy, happiness each and every day and a very long wonderful care where we can be happy too :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Alex! :) Can’t believe we’re one day apart birthdaywise from one another. Hope it’s a good one! :)

  8. Happy birthday to my favorite Aussie! Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Your good looking and talent made me be curious about you, your ethic work and commitment is an example for all, your goofiness always makes me smile and your kind heart won mine.
    I wish Alex a fabulous, amazing, happy year full of love, joy, health and fun!

  9. Hope I am not too late to the party but then again I have wished him Happy Birthday multiple times today…whenever he came to mind :-D
    Alex, Have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love doing whatever makes you happiest! May ALL your wishes come true! Live long, Laugh much, Smile and Be Happy! Life is too short for less!

  10. I wish Alex continued good health, happiness and whatever he wants to do with his career! He brings me joy Have a wonderful year, my dear.

  11. ♥ Happiest of Birthday’s to our Dear Alex! ♥ May all his wishes and dreams come true for him and his family throughout this next year and forever after. ♥ :D

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