First photos surface from “Tastes and Treasures” banquet honoring #AlexOLoughlin

From @JRadloff on Twitter. Posted on Oct. 27th 2014

“You guys obsessed w/@HawaiiFive0CBS

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    • Yes, and good to see the conservative clothes for the school event. Are they now the premier couple of Oahu? If not, they should be. :)

      • Dunno if there’s another couple more gorgeous or more interesting, but for sure any event they grace automatically becomes awesome. ;)

        They both look wonderful, and God bless em for taking on so many local charities. What good citizens, and human beings, they are!

  1. I LOVE him in a dark suit! Looking forward to lots more of these – thank you as always for bringing us the goodies! Xx

  2. He is so CUTE! Just plain ole cute! His hair is looking really good–Ionger, and dark because he’s indoors–love him like this! And then there’s the suit and tie–yum yum yum!

  3. Thank you Deb! Looking forward to watch more about yesterday’s event, not only pics but also his speech and why he had a “measurer” on his hand. Yes, here we’re all 12.

  4. Thanks for the pix. Hope we get more as well. I am curious to know how much money was donated to the schools in his honor.

  5. The pictures are very blurry for me, but I can see how great Alex looks! I like the slightly longer hair as it makes him look younger. Malia looks gorgeous and I think they are a wonderful couple!

  6. Hi ESS, I hope you’re fine.

    This is the sources for the photos : Lisa R.Barnes for the photos posted in your page and one photo of Clare M. Rountree.

  7. Malia dressed appropriately the last couple times they did a school benefit. I had no doubt she’d dress appropriately here. She’s a very smart woman. She looks beautiful, Alex looks handsome. I agree they should be the Premier couple of Oahu. lol, though that would probably take more time away from their own family than they’re willing to sacrifice.

  8. ……it’s wonderful Alex is receiving all this recognition and love affections in Hawaii….he deserves it. He looks so classy and gorgeous and I like he went with Malia. Guapos los dos!!!

  9. First candid close-ups I’ve seen of Malia. She looks beautiful in a wet bikini, wet hair scraped back and no make-up BUT dressed and styled she is absolutely stunning. Her lipstick color is particularly flattering. Our main man — he always looks stunning. If PEOPLE or some other celebrity rag lists “most beautiful couples,” these two should top the list.

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