First fan pic of S6 shared by @sageboar808 #AlexOLoughlin @danieldaekim

From @JRadloff on Twitter. Posted on Oct. 27th 2014

“You guys obsessed w/@HawaiiFive0CBS

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  1. Welcome back Commander McGarrett and Lieutenant Kelly.
    It’s very good to see you two back to work. Team McChin/McKelly is the best.

    I wish you both the best and more creative plot on season 6. Your talent deserves more challenging stories and the fans love to watch you outstanding performances when you are able to spread your acting skills.

  2. Scrumptious!!! but the girl…that close and she does not have an arm around him!..hmmmm
    Does DDK have on leather pants or is it just very new jeans?

    • He does. I always say that he puts McG on like a well fitting suit and sheds him just as easily.

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