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  2. Not right now but i’ll check to see if there is a plug-in that will work. It’s not built into the site on it’s own.

  3. Hi I have updated my subscription to receive the immediate updates as well as the weekly summaries and yet I don’t seem to be getting the updates. What can be wrong?

    • Hi sweetie! I just looked at your settings and everything looks good. I “unsubscribed” you and then “subscribed” you again. Maybe that will jolt it into working right. *crosses fingers* let me know if you don’t get tomorrow’s post in your email, ok?

      You did check your spam folders, right? the AOLww sometimes gets read as junk. (obviously they don’t know who AOL is! lol)

  4. Thank you so much for your help Ess, you’re the sweetest and I can only blush with embarrassment that I did not check my junk folder. Everything was in there along with other mail that should have been safe so not sure what is up with that. I have to make it my routine to check there on a regular basis.

    • Don’t be embarrassed! The reason I mention it is because I’ve been fooled by that darn spam filter myself! haha. The main thing is that you’re receiving them. Whew! Because if you weren’t, I had no idea how to fix it. :(

      PS…now that you’ve come out of the shadows, don’t be a stranger. ;)

  5. Hi Ess! I’m not receiving any posts via email. I tried to subscribe again but it says I’m already subscribed. HELP!
    Thx- kiki mcg

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