AOL.ww wishes Happy Birthday to #AlexOLoughlin celebrating his good deeds, charity and philanthropy

From @JRadloff on Twitter. Posted on Oct. 27th 2014

“You guys obsessed w/@HawaiiFive0CBS

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  1. I love it that he is suing his fame and his fans devotion to promote good causes :)
    Happy birthday Alex, may all your dreams come true and your life be filled with joy and love!

  2. I wish Alex a happy birthday and a wonderful year. We are always here to celebrate this day. And it’s a great way to celebrate like this. TY

  3. What a wonderful idea, Ess! Great way to celebrate this big-hearted man, birthday or not. Knowing Alex as we do this may end up being the longest article in history! :-)

    Happy Birthday, Alex!

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