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  2. ……..Thank you! For the non native english speakers like me, this is so useful, funny and interesting. I have searched many of the them on the online translators and now I now that your FTW is so different to. FTW (“F*ck the world”). LOL!
    Some could have their equivalents in spanish like:
    ACA = cabal!
    BAMF = HPM (hijo de puta madre!)
    Fingertwitch = picazon de dedos
    The FOY = DSU (finger without nail)
    LLWL= lengua de perro ( dog tongue)
    McIndy= Don Vergon
    Not. McG = Mi peor es nada ( my better than nothing)
    Packed Lunch = la lonchera
    SBJ&TO = Jesus, Maria y Jose
    TPD = Juan Camaney, mascla chicle, baila tango y tiene viejas a monton, tururu!

    BTW…..now I also understand why you say moose to pictures where the FOY is so prominent. I thought it was related to the antler’s curvatures or to the bulbous nose but a few days ago I went to a german restaurant called. The hunter’s house and there is an animals heads collection on the walls and I could get closer to a moose head and I saw the hairy bag hanging as balls hang, LOL!……..it was so funny and odd at the same time because I went with my Not McG’s parents, LOL! …..

  3. La lonchera??? jaja!! Me petooo!!!! y con Don Vergon ni te digo nada… si te digo lo que significa Verga aqui!!

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