1. Heh. Yeah, McG isn’t the only BAMF. Alex has played a few, and he IS one in RL too. So are you girls. I’ve always thought of the BAMF as referring to ya’ll as much as to McG. So the BAMF remains. And the new World Wide is pretty cool. Here’s to steadily growing, even more, into this new name!

  2. Good luck with this site girls! I prefer your new name over the old one. It was always mostly about Alex, the way it should be ;)

    • You will never be criticized for your english here…but if you’re not comfortable that’s ok too. :) We’ll just speak the universal language of Unnnnffff! That is, Alex in pictures. :)

    • Hi, Mariu,
      Now that you’ve had enough courage to comment once, you can do it again! It was the hardest part.
      My first comment was so difficult to me : how to choose the right word?(I’m French so…)
      You can use ‘sigh”/”unf”/”ahjklahjk”, we will understand!
      Remember we are ohana so we help each other.

  3. Looks like this site will be just as great as H50BAMF always was. Great job, Girls!
    Now, I just wish there was a way to like a post other than by FB. Or that there was a way of a crossover with wordpress.
    Too bad it’s not showing up in the recently commented, or in the recently liked or anything really.
    But I guess that is a price to pay for an otherwise great site. Keep up the great work.

  4. May you guys have a lot of Irish luck with this fab new site of our favourite guy. I’m really excited and will be telling my other Alex Fan friends all about it.

    Best wishes!!!! :)

  5. I said in your last post on H50bamf blog and I repeat it now. Things always happen for a reason. there is a better reason than this?

    Good luck!! You deserves the best of lucks!!

  6. We are here today to celebrate a new beginning, writing a new chapter of this blog to cheering for Alex, especially about his career and projects, with friends all over the world, so i feel honored of new blog’s name. And yes, we are Ohana.Thank you!

  7. Welcome Back!!! The site looks great and love the new name. Looking forward to all the wonderful goodies ya’ll find for us Alexphiles (hmmm is that a word?)
    Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  8. I would wish you good luck with the new site but you don’t need it! This is just fabulous! The gallery is wonderful! Thanks so much for all you do. Please know how much you are appreciated! :D

  9. Welcome back girls!!! So far, I’m loving everything about the new site. Happy New Year to all of you . . . looking forward to an “Alex-filled” 2014 :)

  10. It looks like all the hard work paid off.
    All the best with the new site and many more years of Alex fun! ♥

  11. I found this post really moving and I must admit, I read it with teary eyes…
    Thank you Ess and friends for welcoming us so warmly.
    I lol so hard when I realized you picked a RED tshirt! Well done!

  12. Hi, it’s great to have you back.I missed my daily Alex. So I’ll be here every day taking a look around.

  13. Oh I love your new name. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the BAMF too, but as you said, Alex is so much more than that. The BAMFness is just one part. Even Steve is not only BAMF. Thanks to Alex.
    And your AOLww is a kind of ‘Sickergag’ as we in German say. A gag that needs time… :lol: I for one needed it.

  14. So so happy to see u here :D
    thank you for all u do hun, the website is AMAZING
    wish u 2014 brings u lots of crazy time here
    looooooooove it :D

  15. It is all so great to see! The new name and the reasons for it – the look – the ‘elaborateness’ of it!! I even figured out how to get on here and post!! Great Great JOB!! And yes – I noticed too that you made the shirt RED. Then I thought, how pathetic that I am so familiar with the pic I knew it should have been blue, but at least I am in good company and in the right place to express it. Thank you for all the work this must have taken to put this together.

  16. Wow, what a great site!!! Congrads ladies on getting it up and running. It looks great!! I have missed you so I am glad to have everyone back in my life. Thanks for the hard work!!

  17. Are we able to access the pics on the gallery? It told me to login for access and I already was.??? I used the same username and password to login to this site. Hmm.

  18. Found You!!

    Um, question, it say “Log In/Register” up top, I did that, and then I come a new day, hit the “Log In/Register” and I enter my info, come back to the page, and it tells me to Log in again?? Me confused!! Help?

    • So it keeps telling you to log in? Are you clicking the “remember me” box? I’m not sure I understand the problem :( please give me more details. thanks babe.

  19. I was just asked to confirm my subscribtions again from a new email at gmail.com. Does that mean the old Bamf email address is no longer valid? I looked for any info on this on the site but couldn’t find anything.

    • It’s at the bottom of the list on the FAQ page. ;)

      I still have my old five0bamf@hotmail email address but all the newsletters and postings will be coming from the new alexoloughlinworldwide@gmail.com (why the heck didn’t I shorten that?? lol) It’s a separate plug-in to the website from a different company. Sorry for the confusion. :(

  20. I finally figured out how to grt here . DUH!!!! Now i need to know how to put in my avatar. I know i am going to love it here. You have made it more beautiful. fun and interesting than ever THANK YOU.

    • POMMIENANA!!! I’ve been asking about you!! So glad you figured out how to post! I wish I’d known you were having a problem, email me if you have any issues, ok babe?

      Welcome back!! <3

  21. Thanks Ess. I know I can count on you for help. MWAH
    I won’t be around much next week as I fly to Texas to see my Niece’s new baby but will be right back as soon as I return

  22. Hey, ESS! I just made up a new word and I think you’ll like it…

    BRO-cious: An adjective; used to describe a bromance, when something particularly awesome has happened. Orignates from Bromance and Precious.
    Example: “That cargument was so brocious!”

  23. Hi Ess… I’m new to this. Thanks for all the great pics. Hope your recovery goes well.

    • Izabella! I just saw this comment! For some reason I didn’t get notification of this comment… plus it was right before my surgery and was offline for a few weeks. so sorry, didn’t mean to ignore you!

      Thank you for your well wishes. <3 you’re very sweet!

  24. 10 Sep 2013 was my first foray into Twitter joining to be an AOL fangirl quite by accident. I’ve come to know many great “Tweeps” as I’ve learned the term. I’ve had the pleasure of your website, Silvia’s and have communicated with you folks several times one-on-one. ESS you just sent me a DM yesterday which I very much appreciate and can’t wait to review this weekend (hint!). I think it is wonderful that Silvia is joining you and this alliance can only make our fangirl experience better for all of us! I wish you all the best and a most pleasant foray into S5 of H50!

  25. Re Steve and Dad in Ep 5.07 – yes they will knock it out of the park as the entire cast always does week after week; that’s why we love the show, right? i love this pic – I happen to hate spoilers but I find this so intriguing – Steve with his dad instead of Steve with Danno the way the original scene was played. Makes it really fit with the “what if” theme that Peter spoke to with Hollywood Reporter today, huh?

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