1. I am so glad you brought this with you from the old diggs. I have always loved this. I still do. Brava, ESS.

  2. Ess, it was when i read these words that express exactly what i think about Alex, that you won a loyal friend. So i’m very happy to celebrate with you this new begining in a post that joined us forever. Thank you for not forgetting to put on your/our site this special post.

  3. Aww, thanks my friends. What I love about this post is that it resonates with so many of his fans, then and now. For those of us here, I think it’s what binds us together, these same “feeeeelings”.

  4. I’ll second that. Ess says what we all think. It’s why we keep coming back. We ‘get’ Alex and his humanity as well as his hotness.

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