2 more great #AlexOLoughlin pics shared by fan @laila_helen

Thanks for sharing!!  https://twitter.com/laila_helen



081215_twitter_laila_helen 1





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081215_twitter_laila_helen 2

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  1. Phew!! Just caught up with everything I’ve missed this past two weeks. Alex is looking great and is obviously enjoying himself….lots of playfulness. Love it!!

  2. Reel plaisir de voir Alex , merci pour toutes ces photos, souvent le mot doux revient quand on parle de lui c’est vraiment un acteur très agréable :)

  3. I love his sense of humor but I often wonder if sometimes the people look at the pix later and think “Why dont I have one with just that smile?…Oh well ”
    And I like that there is a ‘jungle’ in downtown Honolulu. :-)

  4. Hee :D I love our silly man, he’s like a big kid who can’t resist pulling a face for the camera.
    Carful Alex or your Mum will make you straighten up and take it again.
    Uh…Nope :P he had to goof the second one too :lol:

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